Nice to meet you lady! I'm Audra Coats-Hudson. I help busy Christian women--just like you-- learn to put Christ first consistently so they can stay in deep, authentic relationship with Him, uncover His divine purpose for their lives and pursue that with joy, fresh energy and focus. 
I specializes in helping my ladies get real about what's stopping them from seeking Jesus regularly, break through spiritual roadblocks and put an end to frazzled, unbalanced and overwhelmed living. 
Working with me, you can expect to learn how to prioritize your faith, use your gifts and talents to build the kingdom and the action steps you need to make it all happen.
Prior to coaching, I was a mentor, lay counselor and coordinator for various non-profits that serve women and families.
Today, I pretty much spend my days binge reading books on spiritual growth, pouring over the Bible, and wrangling my adorable busy, mini-sidekick, Virgil .
Currently I live  in North Central, Fl with my husband and best friend, Mack Hudson, our  faithful, four-legged squire, Leonidas and our bright-eyed, energetic son Virgil.
I'm a sucker for DC's animated movies (Batman, Justice League, Teen Titans). Seriously, when a new one comes out it's a HUGE deal to me. I also cried at the end of The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies because I knew it was the last time I would see a new Tolkien film in the theater. Yes, my husband laughed at me.
The last time I counted, I've read at least 700 books. If there were a group called Over-Readers Anonymous, I would probably be leading it. I love sci-fi, fantasy, westerns, classics, Christian self-help and basically ANY good story no matter the genre. If they could bottle the scent of old books, I would probably wear it. 
I've studied several martial arts including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Jeet Khun Do. I've also had a little weapons training and I'm pretty partial to the bo-staff. It's the only sport I've ever been remotely good at and probably the most fun I've ever had getting hurt voluntarily. 
I bake KILLER cupcakes...and cookies...and baklava. Strangely, I HATE to cook but if it involves butter, sugar and flour I can do it, and do it well. 
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