Girl, I get it. Life can be CRAZY: work, family, friends, bills, cooking, cleaning, KIDS, obligations…everything!  And yes, you have the drive and the desire to make it all happen cuz that’s just what you do.

                             But making it happen usually has a price tag:

  • Feeling like you’re constantly being pulled in a million different directions
  • A to-do list that seems to multiply no matter how hard you work
  • Cutting corners when it comes to taking care of yourself because you just don’t have time
  • Letting Christ get edged out of your day because life keeps getting in the way

                                If things don’t change, burn out is inevitable.

This is where I come in ^_^

Let’s make a plan to crush overwhelm, prioritize and bring more peace, joy and freedom to your life.

                      This Centered Soul Strategy Session will help you:

  • Articulate exactly what your biggest problems and struggles are
  •  Clearly define what roadblocks are keeping you stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed
  •  Create a plan to overcome your obstacles
  •  Clearly envision what you want for the future

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