• When I contacted Audra, I was at a point in my life where I didn’t know where to go next. I was questioning every step I took. My judgment was very foggy, my personal relationships were strained and I was feeling isolated. All of this was contributing to my feeling of confusion and insecurity. Her guidance allowed me to see my value and self-worth at a time when I truly needed it. I love Audra’s openness! When we began, I was having a real problem with indecisiveness. She never told me what to think or what should be important to me; she simply gave me the tools to lead me to my own decision. I never felt judged or like I had made a mistake. I’d want anyone to experience what I did with Audra’s help. She was so inightful. I truly appreciate my time with her. She was such an amazing help for me; I couldn't have gotten where I am without her help!

    Kayla P. South Carolina
  • Before I met with Audra, I was really just trying to get through every day with my responsibilities taken care of. I felt like God would forgive me for not being focused or obedient because I was so busy! Working with Audra helped me understand that the time I put in with God through study, prayer, or even just being quiet and listening, are going to come back to me tenfold in other ways. I am working on scheduling time in my day to spend with Jesus, because that is more important on my to-do list than anything else. Audra will take your confusing issues and straighten them out for you. She is so good about speaking the truth (in love!) into you life and encouraging you with scripture to prioritize time with God.

    Beth N. Pennsylvania
  • Prior to working with Audra, I was feeling frustrated with my life. During my time with her, I had major breakthrough; I realized that God was not my first priority. Audra is very insightful, she knows the right questions to ask at the right time that help you put things into perspective. Working with Audra has changed the way I view my life and has caused me to make major changes. She helped me to step out of my ordinary life and make the decision to make myself a priority. If you're unsure about scheduling an appointment, you're missing the opportunity of your life.

    Carolyn W. Illinois
  • I was felling really scattered and unfocused in my walk with God. My time with Audra was very in depth; I really enjoyed working with her even as she pulled away all of my excuses. Audra is a very caring person who will deal with any problems you may have with care and grace. She will encourage you on your spiritual walk and help you solve real life problems through God's word.

    Michelle C. Virginia
  • I was drawn to Audra because I was feeling very overwhelmed, stressed-out, frustrated, apathetic and rebellious. Audra was able to pinpoint the cause of my rebellion exactly in no time at all, and she was able to walk me through breaking down the hard walls of my heart. She was tough on my sin, yet soft on my heart; direct but gentle. I would urge anyone to schedule an exploratory call with Audra, because they would become so sure and confident of her help in their time of need. Audra is a dream!

    Bethany L. Michagan

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