This Is Why Therapy Didn’t Work For You

In my practice, I talk to lots of women. And one thing that I hear ALL.THE.TIME from potential clients is: well I tried therapy and it didn't work for me.
Now, don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer in Christian therapy and counseling. And I have a lot of respect for those professionals who are willing to get in the trenches and heal the hurting. 
But, here's the thing: not everyone who's struggling to make change needs therapy. 
If you've tried therapy before to help you make a significant change in your life but it left you feeling like you were going around in circles, here's three reasons why and how coaching is probably a better fit for you instead.
You Don't Need Healing
Counselors and therapists are experts at helping people get to a state of emotional health. So when someone is suffering from PTSD, an eating disorder, depression, or anxiety a therapist is definitely needed to help them become emotionally healthy.
But if you're already in a state of emotional health, then therapy isn't something you need.
Think of it this way: when an athlete injures themselves, they go to a physical therapist for help. That therapist helps them strengthen the muscles and joints that are weak and gets them to a state of physical health. 
But when that same athlete is looking to learn new techniques, maximize their potential and be encouraged to push themselves and break through their limitations, that's when they're going to work with a coach.
Life coaching works the same way.
It's Hard To Move Forward If You're Looking Back
Often, counseling and therapy will look at your past to determine how it's affecting the way you live your life today. When you have past trauma or emotional distress that hasn't been dealt with properly, then this work is necessary for healing and closure so you can move forward. 
But, when there isn't any trauma or something serious in your past that's preventing you from making progress, then therapy can feel a lot like going in circles because you're looking for something that isn't there.
Coaching, on the other hand, is designed to help you move forward, set and reach your goals, and overcome limiting beliefs that are stopping you from making progress.
And, because coaching is forward focused and goal-oriented, it's extremely helpful for women who want to make change but aren't sure how to start, women who feel overwhelmed by what they want to accomplish and women who know what they need to do, but just can't seem to stick with it.  
Sometimes, HOW is More Important Than Why
When it come to making positive change in your life one thing that most people do is self-sabotage. That's why New Year's resolutions fail. That's why losing weight is hard. And it's why people stay in their comfort zone even though they may really want things to be different. 
As a coach, my focus is not to sift through your past to find the genesis of your self-sabotaging behavior.  Instead, my focus is empowering, encouraging and supporting you in figuring out how to overcome the things that are getting in your way.
For most of my clients it's fear that stops them, or overwhelm, or uncertainty or lack of confidence and support. Most of the time, helping them come up with a solid plan and take those first few steps is exactly what they need to make the progress they want. 
What That Means For You
If you're struggling to make change but you know there are some issues that require emotional healing in your life, then you should definitely talk to a Christian therapist or counselor.  
But, if you're just feeling stuck, need help finding clarity and direction in your life or really want someone to help you create a realistic strategy so you can reach your goals, then coaching is probably a better fit.
In honor of Independence Day, I'm going to help you declare your independence from the the top three ways I see my clients self-sabotage: fear, lack of confidence and overwhelm.
Stay tuned this month as we dive into these topics so you can learn where you may be tripping yourself up and what to do about it.
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