I dare you to leap. To jump in, no holds bared, nothing held back--into the INCREDIBLE calling that Christ has placed on your life.  As a spiritual growth and purpose coach, I help busy women pursue Christ faithfully so they can confidently walk in their divine purpose and put an end to frazzled, unbalanced and overwhelmed living.

Everyday, I see women just like you—they want to live purpose-filled, joyful lives where their faith is deeply rooted and they know EXACTLY where God is leading them.

And they start off strong—but somehow or another, life keeps getting in the way. An instead of powerful, overcoming daughters of the King, they end up living stressed out, exhausted lives that leave them wondering—where is the abundant life that Jesus promised? Because this definitely isn’t it.

In our time together you can expect to:

  • Banish your insecurities and become confident in your strengths
  • Get a sense of the destiny God is calling you towards.
  • Understand your God-given purpose, avoid overwhelm, and confidently walk in God’s direction every day.
  • Silence your inner critic and the limiting mindsets that are keeping you stuck, frustrated and defeated.
  • Abide deeply in Christ  daily so you can find peace, joy and reduce stress. 
  • Learn to ensure  that your body, mind and spirit are rested, refreshed and energized in every season.
  • Confidently make decisions, find clarity in any situation and learn how to motivate yourself when things are tough.

The abundant life is just waiting for you—it’s calling you—all you have to do, is step in:

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