The woman with the big heart and the loooooooooooooong to-do list.

Sometimes you feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

You want to be a great wife--to love and support the man God blessed your live with.

You want to be a wonderful mother--to nurture, teach and raise children who love the Lord and are prepared for anything that life throws at them.

And it's your heart's desire to be a daughter who pleases her Heavenly Father. When you meet Him face to face, you really want to hear: "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Because you work. HARD.

From the time you wake up, to the time you collapse into bed, your entire being is focused on doing All.THE.THINGS.

You’re the queen of making things happen--at home, at work, in your own business---because that's just how you roll. Whenever anyone needs anything, you're there to provide, encourage and put out fires.

People know they can ALWAYS come to you, so they do. And you give your all. And then you give some more. And more. Until you're completely depleted and ready to drop.

You know you should take better care of YOU but somehow, that's always at the bottom of your crazy-long list.

Can I you tell you, busy lady…

You can't keep putting everyone else's needs before your own

You can't keep saying yes to EVERYTHING because you feel bad saying no

And you can't keep cramming your day so full of activities and demands that you don't have time rest your body, your mind or your spirit.

There is a better way. A way to live this ONE life with purpose, balance and a healthy dose of joy and peace.

God didn't create you for stressed-out, overwhelmed and exhausted living.

He created you to Flourish.

When you're living a purpose-filled, balanced life, everything is different. When you finally get clear on who God created you to be and what He is asking of you in this season it will change how you see everything.

You don't have to please everyone--only Him.

You don't have to do everything--only what He's asked of you.

You no longer need to carry the weight of world--just the yoke of Christ which is easy and light.

This three-month program is designed to help you get clear on your divine purpose so you can live a life full of peace, direction and balance.


Some of the things we'll cover include:


  • Learn how to define your boundaries so you can stop people-pleasing
  • Train yourself to say "no" with confidence so you can keep from spreading yourself too thin
  • Make more time for things that bring you joy and re-energize you

  • Stop striving and understand how make room for regular Sabbath rest
  • Recharge your spiritual and physical batteries so you can shine brightly
  • Learn to rest in Christ so you can receive fresh energy, peace and a renewed spirit


  • Learn the true driving forces behind all of your decisions, choices and world-view
  • Understand how to live a life in true alignment with what you value most
  • Discover how to confidently say "yes" to the right things and "no" to the rest

  • Understand what God desires for each area of your life--and make a plan to get there
  • Learn how to overcome the limiting mindsets and beliefs that keep you from reaching your goals
  • Find out how to keep life's annoyances and frustrations from stressing you out

In our time together, we'll dig deep to discover exactly how God has created you, the way He has been preparing you to build His Kingdom and how to align your life with what He is calling you towards in this season.

If you're ready to embark on a journey that will bring more peace, balance and joy to your life--and allow you to serve others with clarity and focus--then your time starts NOW.

Choose your life-changing option below:

Rooted (2)

Hot Mess To Stress-Less Intensive

This 75-minute intensive will help you bring some much-needed balance and calm to your life. We'll identify the root of your biggest stressors and strategizing ways to bring more peace, calm and joy to your day.

Click here to book your intensive.

What's Included?
  • One 75-minute session
  • My exclusive goal setting workbook 
  • One week of email support to help you put your plan into action
Rooted (2)

Flourish Three Month Mentorship

This program is perfect for you if you desire to live fully in God's plans and purposes and create a life with more joy and peace. You'll get 1-on-1 access to me, strategic action steps each week to put what you learn into practice and the accountability you need for life-changing results. 

Click here to book a FREE discovery session to see if this program is right for you.

What's Included?
  • Three months of individual coaching so you can dig DEEP, kick down strongholds, step into your purpose and leave overwhelm in the dust.
  • (9)60 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions: (3) sessions per month with one week off for implementation 
  • (2) additional 15 minute spot sessions each month for implementation help, strategy adjustments and prayer
  • A personalized growth and strategy plan to help overcome your biggest hurdles and understand your place in the kingdom 
  • The accountability you need to make your goals stick
  • Unlimited email access to me 
  • Weekly actions steps and activities that help you quickly put what you learn in to practice
  • Your choice of one of my exclusive growth tools so you can start making progress