You Are Here. Finding Your Spiritual Starting Point



Last week, we talked about three ways you can ignite your spiritual growth and purpose. This week, I want to break down our three steps and show you exactly how you can work on each one.

One thing I should mention—it will be impossible for you to grow in the things of God if you haven’t FIRST come to salvation through Jesus Christ—it’s the only way we can ever come to God. If you’re not sure where you stand with Jesus Christ, check out resources here. If you know Christ as your personal savior, read on!

Step One—Finding Your Starting Place

When you want to go somewhere, the first thing you need to do is find out exactly where you are. Now, that may seem like obvious advice but you’d be surprised how many people try to jump into making change without taking a good, hard look at where they are now. And I totally get that. It’s not easy to stare at your shortcomings, your failures, your faults and take an honest and thorough inventory. I’m not saying you’re a horrible person—cuz, seriously, I don’t know you—but I know what God’s Word says and I know that NONE of us measure up to His standard, including me.  

If we want to grow, we must be real about where we are and how short we all fall of the standard God sets. Because realizing that is humbling and its humility that gets us exactly what we need to make any progress: the grace of God.


All the power we as Christians have comes from God through His grace, His unmerited favor. So, if we want to grow up spiritually, it makes sense that it would be the power of God that accomplishes that in us and through us—not our own willpower or strength.

It’s when we stop pretending that we’ve got it all together that the door opens for us to make real and lasting change. When we fool ourselves into thinking we have it all together, that’s usually the time we get tripped up by our own hubris and sin. I know, I’ve been there many a time. And it’s so, so ugly.


When it comes to being honest with God, I have found that He gives me two choices: I can come on my own or He can allow me to dig my own hole and come after I’ve fallen and hurt myself. Trust me, option one is FAR less painful.

How to Get Real With God

First, make the space you need to make with Him. Don’t try to “find the time.” You need to make the time. This is important because the Holy Spirit will only fill up the space we make for Him. God doesn’t compete with our busyness and He’s not interested in our leftovers.

Second, take inventory of your spiritual intentionality. How much time are you devoting to prayer, bible study, mental transformation, etc. If you’re not sure how to do that, click here for a handy tool that can help you figure it out.

Once you know where you are, if it’s not where you should be, repent. I recently learned just how important repentance is. Every sin that we have that remains unconfessed creates space between us and God. Repentance and confession allows Christ to wash us, forgive us and get back into alignment with Him. Growth can’t happen if there’s space between us and the one who sustains us. (In fact, repentance is SO VITAL that it needs its own post—I’ll be talking about that in January.)

Last, create a plan that will help you make yourself available to God regularly so that He can transform your heart, mind and spirit.


 Don’t worry if you’re unsure about how to do that—I’ll cover it for you next week!


Until next time guys <3

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