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I'm sooooooo ready!

Hey there lady!

I've been waiting for you, praying for you and I'm so happy that you're FINALLY here.


I know you're busy--and probably multi-tasking as you read this--so I'll cut to the chase:


  • Stop letting busyness, overwhelm and stress push you around and wear you out.

  • Stop allowing the cares of this life to come between you and deep, authentic relationship with the One who died for you and LONGS for you.

  • Stop forfeiting  your divine purpose because fear, doubt, or just plain old distraction, is keeping you from all that God has for you.

And stop believing the LIES the enemy is throwing at you DAILY because the last thing that he wants is a bold woman of God walking in His power and purpose for her life.

Because here's the truth:                                                                                                           

We have BUSINESS to be about--beautiful, AMAZING, life-changing business that our Father has laid out, just for us.

God has called you to build His kingdom, to set captives free, to testify of the Son and to bring revival to your family, your neighborhood, this nation and the world!

The abundant life that Christ died to give you is calling.



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What My AMAZING Clients Say

  • Working with Audra has encouraged me to become still. I am enjoying God's presence now more and stopping to listen. Definitely connect with her because she is filled with the Spirit and will give you practical guidance to connecting with God. She is approachable, encouraging and Christ-centered!

    Allie D. Oklahoma
  • I was drawn to Audra because I felt God had something for me. I felt like I was sharing with an old friend; she’s very in tune and has a good listening ear. Since working with her, I feel free from all the unprocessed clutter that lay beneath the surface and I am moving forward. If you’re thinking about scheduling a session with Audra, take the will be blessed.

    Donna C. Louisiana

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